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The Indigenous Beauty Story

The beautiful country of Colombia is the land of my parents and one which I’m in love with. Having experienced an incredible trip around South America in 2015 I saw the awe-inspiring power of nature in all its glory. From the exotic Amazonian jungle in Ecuador, to the breath-taking Iguassu Falls and every mountain, river and lake in between. Travelling the continent and learning more about its history was an unforgettable journey. The vibrancy of the South American culture and the beauty of its diverse ecosystem is the inspiration behind the name.

Indigenous Beauty launched in August 2016. Based in the quaint market town of Godalming in Surrey, England. We aim to grow organically with the help of recommendations from happy customers.



Catherine Acevedo – Founder

Having worked an enjoyable few years in the beauty industry I never once thought to consider the ingredients inside the products I used. After reading the ingredients list of my most loved cosmetics I was both shocked and disappointed to realise how many synthetic chemicals and artificial preservatives I had been applying to my skin every day, and the absorption of these being linked to serious health issues (read more about this on the Blog here). Alongside switching to natural and organic beauty brands, I began to create my own products where possible using the beneficial properties found in nature to feed my skin.

The Natural Deodorant Cream underwent several months of trial and error, testing out every creation on myself, as well as family and friends before finally achieving exactly what I wanted. The perfect combination of quality ingredients to provide effective and long-lasting odour control and leave you smelling fresh all day! You can learn more about the ingredients here.

I hope you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy making them and using them. I’m currently working on a new range to expand the collection so watch this space!



Ashley Alexander – Brand Ambassador

Being a fitness club owner and a boxing coach I am used to being active and therefore have always needed a high performing deodorant. Cat had told me about her discoveries regarding the harmful chemicals found in mainstream deodorants which I wasn’t aware of. I wasn’t to know that I was soon to be the resident guinea pig for Indigenous Beauty!

The first deodorants were rigorously tested many months before launch, as I took them through intense workouts. I truly couldn’t believe how effective they were and superior to the usual sprays and roll-ons I had previously relied on. Essentially if the deodorant worked for a sweaty fitness freak like me it would work for anyone.

With a passion and belief for Indigenous Beauty’s products, I test any new formulas before they are brought to market and champion them at the various events we attend (view upcoming events here). Having vast entrepreneurial experience I also give advice to help grow the business.





Our philosophy is simple- the less ingredients you can use on your skin, the better. Only 7 ingredients are used in each jar of the Natural Deodorant Cream. They have been specifically chosen for their unique and beneficial properties.

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